Why do we need a Usage Agreement?
The main purpose of the Usage Agreement (available here as a PDF file) is to eliminate most of the future possible miscommunications between Photographer and Client regarding the use of the photographs.
The agreement grants the Client an agreed scope of usage, describing precisely what the Client can (and cannot) do with the photographs.
It is important to understand that even after the photographs have become the personal property of the Client (after they are paid for and printed) the Photographer remains the sole Copyright owner of those photographs.
Unauthorized image alterations may damage the artistic qualities of the photographs and it could reflect badly on the Photographer's brand. So, naturally I would prefer to control the quality of any modifications and adjustments to my images whenever they are needed by the Client.
Also I create my photographs as an art form and I ask that the proper credit is given to my name if and when my art work is published by the Client.
Note: By commissioning my photographs or digital art work you agree to the terms of the Usage Agreement.