Why do I need a model release from you as your Photographer?
A model release is a written agreement between Photographer and the person being photographed (for example a Client or a Model). It says the person being photographed has given consent to be photographed and to the use of the images captured. The purpose of the release is to protect the Photographer from any possible future unexpected lawsuits the person might decide to file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy.
Personally I am most interested in the portraiture and the fine art genres and so I may never want to licence my photographs or any of my derivative art work for any commercial purposes other than decorative art, public exhibitions, and for private art collections. But as you can understand I do not need any even remotely possible legal headache down the road...
So you would have to sign a copy of the Model Release (available here as a PDF file) if you want me to take your photographs or to create your portraits...
Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the model release content at your convenience. A copy of it will be available for you to sign at the time of the photo session.
Please note that the text template of this model release was taken from the American Society of Media Photographers web site (Simplified Model Release).
If you prefer, you can print a downloaded copy of the release and fill it. Then you can simply take a photo of it using your smartphone and email it to me. I would print and sign the copy after I receive it.