If you are interested in purchasing one of my portraiture or fine art packages please choose one at the Services page and go through the check-out process. (It is Under Construction at the moment, so thank you for you patience).
Pre-Shoot Consultation
After you purchase the package of your choice I will contact you to discuss what kind of portraits and style you really like because I would need to use similar lighting and posing to emulate the feel of the images you prefer in order to get the look that you want.
We will also discuss the wardrobe and accessories options as well as the hair and make-up choices. Also we may want to create a mood board at Pinterest web site to share our ideas for the portrait session.
After you are ready we would schedule the photo session.
I shoot photo sessions mostly on the weekends, so I may have limited availability.
How to access your Galleries
Generally within a week or two after the photo session you will receive an email with an access code (and password) to your personal gallery on my web site for proofing (for selecting your favorite images). Click on the Client Access menu to use the received access code and the password.
After you access your gallery you will be able to see the best images from the photo session. Please select your favorite pictures from the gallery by clicking the "Add To Favorites" link next to each photograph you like.
You can leave comments (and even cropping suggestions) for the individual images. Please mention any editing and retouching preferences such as black&white conversion, figure correction, removing skin blemishes, or leaving some beauty marks intact. 
Once you are done with selecting your favorites you need to share your selection with me by clicking the link "My Selection->Send to...->Send To Photographer
After I receive your selection I would edit and retouch the selected images within about two weeks. After that you would receive another email with the new access code and password to the final gallery where you would be able to download the edited and retouched images you paid for.