If you are an established or aspiring model, or if you simply feel photogenic and interesting and sophisticated, and also if you like any of my works and would like to shoot with me, please drop me a note as I would love to hear from you.
We can trade (TFP) or depending on the circumstances and on my current projects I may be able to hire you. It depends.
At the very least you will receive a number of fully edited and retouched digital images for your portfolio or as your personal portraits.
Also if you have some interesting and creative ideas that you always wanted to implement and needed a decent photographer to help you and if you know a good Wardrobe Stylist and/or Hair and MU Artist who would be interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to invite them and I would love to discuss such promising projects with you... You never know what is possible and within you reach when the right creative people get involved... :)
Note: Depending on your unique looks and preferences I may have a ready number of artsy projects to share with you to see if you would be interested to take a part in one...