TFP or Time for Print (also known as testing, trading, or time for pictures) is an arrangement between model and photographer, where the photographer agrees to provide the model with the best digital photographs from the session to be used for self-promotion in return for the model's likeness, time, and a Model Release
There are benefits for both parties: the model can build a portfolio of images to show to their prospective agencies and clients, while the photographer can also expands his own portfolio at a little or no cost.
My TFP sessions would (ideally) bring together a team of creative artists (Model, Wardrobe Stylist, and/or Hair and Makeup Artist) to create some visual art together. And all of them would receive images for their personal and promotional use.
If you are interested in a TFP session with me please drop me a note.
Note: I work on TFP basis only with the models who are 18 and older.