Val Sorokine Photography: Blog en-us (C) Val Sorokine Photography (Val Sorokine Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:38:00 GMT Val Sorokine Photography: Blog 120 120 TFP portfolio photo shoot with Will Campbell I had an awesome TFP photo shoot with a young starting out male model about three weeks ago or so... his name is Will Campbell.

He is such a great talent, easy to work with, very expressive, he follows the posing directions very well, and he has also contributed his own interesting ideas to the shoot...

Actually we had been planning a portfolio photo shoot for a very long time and finally were able to align our schedules... We both wanted to do a "fashion flair" photo session, but we couldn't find a good wardrobe stylist to work with and so we did not have any "cool" vintage or designer clothes to use at this time...

We didn't have a professional hair stylist either, so with some invaluable help from Mary Hogan, who was also assisting me during this photo session, we decided to improvise with what we had and created a very simple "outdoorsy" look right there on the location and I shot a couple of "fashion" images for our portfolios:

Also Will needed a couple of new headshots for his portfolio:

I also created a couple of B&W portraits, a "character" one:

and a somewhat "experimental" portrait:

Most of the images here from the shoot are edited in the 8x10 format for the portfolio books.

And I would like to mention that one of the most important things for me is to make sure my models/subjects are relaxed, comfortable, and are having a good time/experience during my photo sessions:

Well, we all had a great time during that photo shoot and I hope to work with Will and Mary again very soon... :)

If you are an aspiring model, or an actor/actress/real estate agent/business owner who needs a new headshot, or a hair stylist/makeup artist/wardrobe stylist who would like to add some new great images to your own portfolio, and if you are reading this, then perhaps you may want to join me for on one of my future TFP photo sessions (while I am building my portfolio)... Please drop me a note on my Contact page or leave me a voice mail and we could plan something together shortly!... :)


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A few more images for my Fashion Portfolio I am adding a few more images to my Fashion Portfolio from the Prom photo shoot...

These are neither conceptual nor editorial images, but rather simple fashion flair images of young beautiful high school senior girls in beautiful Prom dresses... :)






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It is time to start the Fashion section in my portfolio :) Well, I've been planning to do that for a while and now it is time to do that with the first image of my daughter in her gorgeous prom dress with the intricate details on the back of the dress... :)

More images to come from the Prom photo shoot and from the recent and future TFP "fashion-flair" photo sessions...

]]> (Val Sorokine Photography) Thu, 05 Jun 2014 13:51:40 GMT My friend Rajesh, a great landscape photographer, is relocating from Virginia to California in a few weeks.

He and his family will be living in the San-Francisco Bay area where he will be able to enjoy his passion for the landscape and outdoor photography with many awesome subjects all around him.

I hope to see more new and beautiful images on his web site every week after he gets there!

You can take a look at his work on his web site

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Should I be more active on my blog? Yes! :) Well, I figured I have to start writing on my blog regularly now... otherwise it looked like I was not doing anything with my photography for more than a year... ha ha... :)

About a couple of weeks ago my daughter Ana asked me to photograph her and her friends before the Prom night... It sounded like a wonderful opportunity to turn it into some "fashion flair" photo shoot, as everybody would have their hair and makeup done and would wear gowns and tuxes, dresses and suits... So, I jumped on it...

I tried to limit the number of people by asking for the model releases but it didn't help and more than 30 people showed up!

I got the shooting permit for the location (the Mansion at Strathmore) ahead of time and arrived with two of my friends Kedar and Punit (who are also photographers) assisting me to scout the location and to help me with the shooting and lighting gear. I quickly snapped a couple of "behind the scene" pictures of them looking "cool" and "working" the location:

And I also created a couple of their "character portraits", looking even more "cool" and "thoughtful":

We only planned an hour and a half for the session but my daughter and her boyfriend got delayed on the way to the Mansion and we had to start a half hour late.

Also my "cool" and trusted assistants had to leave early just when we started shooting (they had some prior plans) and as the result I had to scramble to shoot as many images as I could in an hour without being able to adjust the light as much as I wanted... And unfortunately it shows on the images with the unwanted shadows and such... :)

As to the lighting setup, I just wanted to give our beautiful and sharp looking graduates and their parents something special, something that they could not get with their iPhones and cameras...  :)

Anyway, Ana and her boyfriend Vaughn arrived late but happy, all dressed up and looking glamorous, as you can see here:

Some images were not in focus (nobody is perfect) but had a great expression:

And sometimes lighting failed to work but I was able to make the black and white images from those, with almost old film quality, especially if I liked the expression... And this such B&W one is one of my favorites from the shoot:

I am still finishing up the images for Ana's friends and making them available to them via private password protected galleries here on my web site...

So, please stay tuned for more... :)



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Free photo sessions!!  

Hey everybody,


I am currently in the process of building my portfolio and it could be a great opportunity for you to book a free photo session with me and receive some awesome fully edited and retouched digital images licensed for your personal use (for printing at your favorite photo lab and for social networking web sites).  Session fee and retouching fees are waived.


Although the photo session is free you still can order prints, canvas prints, ThinWraps, MetalPrints, and/or albums if you like. Please check for the available products and prices on the pages under the  Services menu.


If you are a model or Hair/MUA please check out the Work With Me links in the menu to explore how we could collaborate and establish a solid working relationship for the future paid work. Your personal projects are very welcome as well, as I am very interested in investing my time and talent into expanding my own portfolio and I enjoy working on the shared creative art projects and ideas.




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